How To Start Your Own Junk Car Recycling Business

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If you want to get into junk car recycling, you can have a potentially profitable hobby or career before you. On average, a junk car is worth up to 40% of its used car value, which can mean that even a total junker in your possession can get you a decent chunk of change at a recycling plant. The more junk cars you can gain access to, the more money you can make. Here are ways you can start your own junk car recycling business.

Have basic equipment

To make money recycling junk cars, you want to be able to pick up vehicles from people willing to part with them. You need a full-size pickup and a trailer where you can pull cars behind you, along with chains and pulleys to secure it. If you don't have the money to invest in a trailer now (an open car trailer is upwards of $2,000), you can rent one from a vehicle or equipment rental place whenever you have vehicle pick ups and drop offs to perform. Since most rental companies rent equipment by the day, you can save money on your costs by only renting a trailer when you have multiple vehicles to haul in a single day.


You want to advertise your business in your community. You can do this by starting a social media page listing your free junk car removal services. Place an ad in the newspaper listing the types of metal and junk cars you take from peoples' homes and businesses. You can also place a custom magnet with your company name and phone number on the side of your truck so you advertise everywhere you go.

Get the right insurance

Recycling junk cars as a business means you need to have business insurance on your vehicle. Let your auto insurance company know that you are using your vehicle to haul heavy equipment, junk metal, and junk cars around so they can note your account. This way, if you get into an accident while working you will still be covered, since your private policy does not have to cover business-related accidents should one occur.

You can start a junk car recycling business rather quickly in your town as long as you have the right resources. From obtaining a great work truck to making sure you have the right insurance coverage, before long you can be ready to start your junk car recycling business so you can make great money whenever you want.

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