Three Tips to Help You Deal with Waste During Home Renovations and Remodeling

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Your home is in need of major renovations, which means that you will have a lot of planning to do when it is time to start these projects. It is important to consider the waste that you will need to get rid of and plan for. You will need to consider items like roll-off dumpsters, reclaiming materials, and so forth. Here are some tips that will help ensure your renovation waste does not become a problem:

1. Reclaim the Scrap Materials That Can Be Reused in Other Projects

Renovations often mean that you will be doing some demolition. This can include redoing framing, wiring, and mechanical systems. A lot of the materials that you remove can be reused when you do the renovations. Clean up any materials that are still in good shape and separate them into organized piles. This can help you save on new materials costs and make your renovation project greener.

2. Recycle Materials to Get Cash for Renovations

There may also be some materials that cannot be reused but still have value for recycling. These materials can include old concrete, metal construction materials, and other building items. If you plan on having concrete recycled, you will want to talk with a container rental service. They may have a special container delivered for this, and the container may need to be bigger than the actual volume of waste to accommodate extra weight. This is the same for other heavy materials like steel.

3. Use Containers to Deal With Waste That Has to Be Hauled Away

The waste that cannot be reused or recycled will have to be hauled to a landfill. You will want to have a dumpster delivered so you can deal with this waste. When the dumpster becomes full, the roll-off container service will come and take it to the dump for you. If you are not finished with your project, you can have another dumpster delivered when the old one is picked up. To keep waste under control, consider the size of the dumpsters you use and the times when you will need them. They can be removed when they become full, such as after you have had a roof torn off. You can wait until you start the next stage of your project to have another container delivered.

These are some tips that can help you keep your waste under control when doing renovation projects. If you are ready to start with these improvements to your home, contact a roll-off container service such as Lakeshore Recycling to ensure you start with good waste-management practices.