3 Unique Ways To Recycle Computer Components

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Technology is constantly evolving. While this continuous evolution means that you have access to devices that can perform more functions than ever before, it also means that your old computer equipment can quickly become obsolete. In order to prevent computer hardware from filling up landfills in your area, you should do your part to recycle your old equipment.

Here are three creative things that you can do to give your old personal computer new life.

1. Create a unique clock.

You can easily use the components found within an old computer to create a unique clock that you will be proud to hang on your wall. The shiny metallic finish on your computer's old hard drive can make a stylish base for your new clock.

All you have to do is remove the hard drive from your computer tower and clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Invest in a clock mechanism from your local craft store, then drill a hole into the center of the hard drive that is large enough to accommodate the mechanism. You can use an engraving pen to stencil in some numbers around the circular portion of the hard drive, creating a unique clock face.

2. Make some high-tech jewelry.

There is something artistic about the appearance of a computer's circuit board. The intricate design of the circuits coupled with the colorful backing of the circuit boards makes these parts perfect for jewelry items.

Once you have removed the circuit boards from your old computer equipment, you can use a pair of tin snips to cut the circuit boards into various shapes. Drill a hole through the shapes and add a chain or earring hooks to create some unique and high-tech pieces of jewelry you will be proud to wear.

3. Make a bed for your cat.

If you share your home with a feline friend, you know how fond cats are of enclosed spaces. Old and bulky computer monitors have been replaced with streamlined flatscreens, so you may be tempted to toss out your old monitor when you purchase a new one.

Before you send the monitor to the landfill, consider recycling it by turning it into a unique bed for your cat. Remove the back of the monitor with a screwdriver, then carefully remove all of the interior components and the glass screen. Clean the interior and exterior thoroughly with a pet-friendly cleaning solution, then reattach the rear panel. Paint the surface with a bright color and add a soft blanket for your cat to sleep on.

Finding ways to recycle your old computer components by giving them a new lease on life will help you create unique and useful objects while reducing landfill waste. For more information, contact companies like Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc.