How To Replace Your Grass With Landscaping Rocks And Reduce Your Yard Work Chores

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If you have a hard time keeping up with yard work or you're tired of spending money on lawn care, you should consider covering your lawn in decorative rocks or gravel. You'll want to check with your city to make sure you're allowed to remove the grass and replace it with rocks. You may want to convert your entire yard or just the easement areas or parts of your yard that are difficult to mow. Here's an overview of the process.

Remove Your Grass and Add Landscaping Fabric

You have to get rid of your grass and weeds before you cover the soil with gravel, or weeds might spring up through the rocks in the following years and make your yard look ugly. You might want to remove the grass with a shovel in a small area or rent a sod cutter if you want to remove grass from a large area. After the grass is gone, you might want to treat the soil with an herbicide to prevent the emergence of grass and weeds. Next, spread out landscaping fabric on the bare soil. This fabric allows rain to filter through to the soil but it keeps weeds and grass from growing up through the gravel.

Choose the Rocks and Have Them Delivered

You'll want to plan out your design before you go to the rock supply center so you have an idea of the size and type of gravel you want. You may want to cover your lawn in pea gravel that has a uniform size, or you may want to add paths with large stepping stones. You might want to create designs around large plants you intend to keep or set up a sitting area or fire pit. Once you have a design in mind, take measurements of your yard so the supply center can help you calculate the size of your order.

Once you're at the establishment, you can look over all of your options and choose the right size and color for the rocks so they complement your home and property. Since you'll need a lot of rocks for your project, you'll want to have them delivered in bulk. The service can bring the gravel to your home and dump it in your yard or driveway so you can spread it around using a wheelbarrow and rake.

Once the rocks are in place, they'll stay that way for a long time if you have edging where it's necessary to keep them from sliding away. The best part is you won't have to mow or do other maintenance any longer so you'll be free to travel or just enjoy your weekends off without having to tend to the yard.

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