Using Portable Water Storage Tanks For Your Event: 4 Tips

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If you're holding an outdoor event and plan to use portable restrooms or other equipment that requires water, you may need to rent water storage tanks. These tank-related suggestions will ensure that your event can go smoothly and the tanks perform well.

Get More Tanks Than You Need

One mistake many event holders make is only getting one or two tanks, thinking that they're saving money and that just a few tanks will work for a single event. However, you should be prepared for people to use more water than you expect. Don't be caught without enough water; instead, work with your storage tank provider to estimate how many tanks you might need. It might be best to have more tanks than the estimate suggests so that you don't have to leave in the middle of your event to secure more tanks.

Prep a Base for the Tanks

If they are left on the wrong surface, the bottom of water storage tanks can be worn down or degraded; they might even leak or split open. For that reason, you need to prep a good base to put the storage tanks on. If you have a concrete pad available, you can use that for the tanks. If not, avoid putting tanks on grass or in muddy areas. Instead, put down a layer of pea gravel to support the tanks. You can also use sand, but steer clear of sand if rain is suspected during your event.

Check Tanks Frequently

Once the storage tanks have been installed and your event starts, it's easy to forget about the tanks completely. However, frequent monitoring can ensure no problems are happening. You might even be able to catch any trouble as it starts; if one of the tanks is starting to leak for some reason, you can handle it right away and replace it with another tank. Work with others at your event so that the tanks are observed throughout the event.

Have a Contact Person

If you have storage tank questions, need more tanks, or are experiencing a problem, you need to be able to immediately contact someone during your event. Be sure that you have a "point person" or a specific person from the rental company to contact. They should already be aware of your event and have enough information about your situation that you don't have to explain the basics; they should be able to quickly address your needs.

Contact a company that offers portable water storage tanks to learn more.